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Blockchain based Social Media

Find solutions to the everlasting issues with social media and let people enjoy a platform to connect with each other.

What is Blockchain Based Social Media?

Conventional social media employ a centralised system where every data is stored in a central server and this can put your data under the risk of breaches. With a decentralised system, the data transfer happens in a Peer-to-Peer system making it impossible to breach.

The blockchain is put to ecstatic use in social media. While there are millions of users currently, a better and safe platform is the need of the hour. There is no preferred choice than the blockchain technology.

Why Choose our Blockchain based Social Media


Blockchain based Social Media is the thing of the future and gives the users an enthralling experience.

  • The social medium will have a financial system that will let content creators be paid for their content.
  • There is no cost of entry in to our social medium.
  • There are no regulations in the type of contents one would like to have monetised. This will draw a lot of content creators to the platform.
  • Big fishes can’t bully small fishes for the type of content they create.
  • Users can customise their profile the way they wanted for a better user experience.
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Features of our Blockchain based Social Media

Get accustomed to these amazing features of blockchain in social media.



There is 3 seconds blocktime and no fees for it. This is good news for the users.



It does not matter what happens but, everyone that contributes gets paid.

Signing up

Signing up

There is no huge process of signing up. It’s relatively simple and free to use.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Our system is extremely safe and there are zero risks involved.



No data of the users is stored by any third party.

Wallet Integration

Wallet Integration

A Wallet capable of holding fiat and crypto coins can be integrated in to the platform.

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Very much. Just like other content, the sources of information can be verified and there is less fake content when it comes to blockchain use in social media.

Yes, with our blockchain you will be able to track and view who has seen your data.

Yes, the blockchain verifies all of the users’ identities before they are allowed to join the social media platforms.

Absolutely! You can earn cryptocurrencies by your contribution of contents.

Our Development Roadmap

Requirements Gathering

Our blockchain professionals collect your requirements and analyze them to come up with the best possibilities. After that, both teams will work on conducting a product feasibility study.

Research & Planning

Our experts then do thorough research to identify the risks associated with the project. Next, our team clearly defines & documents the requirements and plans for your approval.

Development Stage

The actual development begins now. Our blockchain developers perform everything in an organized manner, and also they make sure that the product is built with advanced features.

Testing Phase

We test the product in diverse environments to ensure that there is no room for bugs & errors. After a demonstration, we help you to release the product for User Acceptance testing.

Launch & Maintenance

We analyze the feedback, and if you approve, our team makes the suggested improvements and assists you with the launch. We also provide maintenance services post the release.

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