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Shielded STO, ICO & IEO Dashboard Script

Secure & customized STO & ICO dashboard script in the shortest time.

Ready-Made STO, ICO Script & IEO Dashboard Software

Blockchain Firm is a young and vibrant team that deploys avid techies dedicated to companies that look forward to customized STO and ICO dashboard script. With ready-made ico dashboard script specific to your requirements you can seamlessly launch your ICO & STO in the shortest span of time.

Our Services include ico script for ERC-20, ERC721, ERC-223-based smart contracts, and completely modifiable Ico investor dashboards that let the admins change many specifications, of which security options, referral program are only a few.

With IEO & ICO script that are pre-made and ready-to-use, Blockchain Firm lets you pay attention to where your business needs to be taken care of. As an added advantage, the whole process saves you time, plenty of money and most importantly efforts.

Why Us?

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    Quickest deployment in a short time

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    High security and DDOS protection

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    Have raised more than $30 million USD

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    20+ successful projects

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    Turnkey ICO Solutions

Peculiar Features in STO & ICO Dashboard Scripts

The exclusive features enable us to give away nothing but the best for our customers.


Multiple Fiat & cryptocurrencies

Our ready-to-use software is developed in such a way that it supports multiple currencies in both fiat and cryptos.



Your users can now easily interpret and use the software as language is no longer a barrier. The dashboard is made available in all the languages you request.


KYC/AML solutions

This feature is added to collect information about the users and store it correctly to avoid future legal issues.


User-friendly interface

The interface is built in a way that it is easy for both the customers and the admins to use.


2FA or OTP authentication

This option lets the user get an OTP and enables 2-factor authentication when in need.


Triggered emails

Sends emails to the user when activity happens like login or for transactions made.


Custom purchase bonuses

A special option to purchase the bonuses specific to one user that may not be available for the others.


Referral program

Enables the user to initiate references among friends to join the event or to buy a product depending on the scenario.


Real-time statistics

This option displays the real-time statistics in case any events happen and lets the user watch the trend.

Why Choose STO, IEO & ICO Dashboard Software from Us?


STO, IEO & ICO launching platform of Blockchain Firm comes bundled with our exclusive list of services.

  • Our intuitive way of dealing with your challenges makes us a unique choice.

  • Our advanced solutions to automate processes that help you level up your business.

  • We conduct pre-ICO and pre-STO at the least possible expenditure.

  • Extended support post-deployment of the purchased solution.

  • Updation and development of the product from time to time.

  • We do special in-depth competitor and SWOT analysis for your project.

Compelling STO & ICO Investor Dashboard Features

Classy STO & ICO Investor Dashboard

Blockchain Firm gives you the top-class dashboard with cutting edge features. User-friendly Ico investor dashboard keeps them glued to take part in your ICO and influences frequent visits to the page. Below are some features for you to know.

  • Spontaneous token purchase

  • Investor Review

  • One-touch info

  • Supports Multiple Languages

  • Accepts Cryptos & Credit Cards

  • Multiple sign up flows

  • Bank wire and PayPal

  • Current exchange rates

  • Airdrop Programs

  • Bonus Programs

  • Community Management

  • Referral Programs

  • Two-factor Authentication

  • Update feeds

  • Manual & Automated KYC Process

  • Investor contract execution

Amazing STO & ICO Admin Dashboard

ICO Admin Dashboard is crafted with immense care so that it gives you the right insight into what is going on in your token sale and where you need to shed more light. Keep a track of all the happenings and monitor your business in one touch.

  • Custom smart contract

  • Detailed reporting and analytics

  • Custom funding plan

  • Admin permission management

  • Investor management

  • Detailed logging and monitoring

  • Concierge service

  • Community management

  • Bank transfer & management

  • Pending transaction monitoring

  • Syndicated bonuses

  • Timeline management

  • Whitelisting

  • Lock-in period management

  • Investor contract management

  • Supports 6 different KYC providers

Every Feature Abids by the ICO & STO Rules and Regulation

Special features abide by the rules and regulations. Every feature supports regulatory compliances. No feature that we have built so far has crossed the given regulations.

  • Supports 6 KYC/AML providers

  • Regulation S support

  • Accredited investor review

  • Investor contract management

  • Regulation A+ support

  • Tokenomics

  • Private placement memorandum

  • Regulation D support

  • Lock-in period

ICO Dashboard Pricing

Basic Package Includes

ICO & STO Dashboard Starts From $999

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STO & ICO Dashboard Road Map

Requirements Gathering

Our blockchain professionals collect your requirements and analyze them to come up with the best possibilities. After that, both teams will work on conducting a product feasibility study.

Research & Planning

Our experts then do thorough research to identify the risks associated with the project. Next, our team clearly defines & documents the requirements and plans for your approval.

Development Stage

The actual development begins now. Our blockchain developers perform everything in an organized manner, and also they make sure that the product is built with advanced features.

Testing Phase

We test the product in diverse environments to ensure that there is no room for bugs & errors. After a demonstration, we help you to release the product for User Acceptance testing.

Launch & Maintenance

We analyze the feedback, and if you approve, our team makes the suggested improvements and assists you with the launch. We also provide maintenance services post the release.

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We constantly strive to support businesses with blockchain solutions and help them unveil their true potential.


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ICO is a fundraising event where the company associated creates and sells tokens in exchange for fiat currency from the public.

The costs are varied through different processes. Issuing tokens, legal requirements etc.

Yes, we take care of all the procedures including raising money for your ICO.

We work across numerous industries and are not bound to any specific ones.

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